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Some of these photographs appear in Mosier's Raiders, but most of these previously unpublished photographs appear here for the first time, through the courtesy of the photographers Stan Barish (ship's officer 1943-1944) and Ted Duning (ship's officer 1943-1945), along with other sources as indicated.
Please contact David Bronson if you would like to use any of these photographs.


First day at sea, in convoy of LSTs bound for Oran, Algeria via Bermuda. 19 March 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Arzew, Algeria as seen through one of the wheelhouse portholes. May 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Mostagenem, Algeria. May 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


In convoy from Algiera to Tunis, Tunisia. June 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Army chow line aboard ship. July 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Ship entering Palermo, Sicily. July or August 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Main deck loaded with barrels of oil, Advance Navy Base, Tenes, Algeria. September 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Passing time on the fantail, September 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.

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