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Operation SUNEC 1954
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Operation SUNEC 1954
Memorial Day 2004

Martin Hilger (see Greenland 1951 page) also contributed the following report from the USS Shadwell LSD-15 for Operation SUNEC, 7 September to 26 November 1954. While the report deals mainly with the actions involving the Shadwell, I have chronicled the entries mentioning the LST-325 below.


21 September 1954 : (Frobisher, Northwest Territories) USNS LST-325 arrived and moored along port side SHADWELL to expedite offloading. SHADWELL received diesel fuel and furnished LST-325 approximately 400 pounds of potatoes and 150 pounds of coffee.

25 September 1954 : USNS MARINE CARP and USNS LST-325 departed Frobisher for Thule, Greenland. Total offload of LST-325 at Frobisher was 114 LT and 112 MT.
9-10 October : (Frobisher) ... In addition SHADWELL was directed to assist in loading about 250 civilian contractor personnel aboard USNS LST-325 and USNS LST-287 at Resolution on 15 October.
15 October : Arrived at Resolution Island and anchored in Sorry Harbor and awaited arrival of USNS LSTs 325 and 287. Both LSTs were expected to arrive late in the evening.
15 October : Winds up to 40  and 50 knots plus heavy swells necessitated SHADWELL leave Sorry Harbor. LST-325 and LST-287 stood by off north coast of Edgell Island also awaiting favorable weather conditions.
17 October : SHADWELL, LST-325 and LST-287 returned to Resolution Island. 48 LT, 138 MT destined for Forbrisher were transferred from LST-325 to SHADWELL. LST-325 departed for Halifax with 1 officer and 116 civilian contractors.

The history of LST-325 while she was part of the Military Sea Transport Service is still very sketchy, if you can provide any information please email the author. Thank you!

Click HERE for an article about the Military Sea Transport Service in the Arctic written by Salvatore R. Mercogliano a Professor at Methodist College, Fayetteville, NC and American Military University.

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