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The following pictures appear here courtesy of Martin Hilger of Grandville, Michigan. Martin was aboard the LST-325 in 1951, on a thre month trip carrying supplies for the building of an Air Force base in Thule, Greenland. As he explined in this letter posted in the Fleet Reserve Association's web site:

I have been following the story about LST 325 in the newspapers, on the radio and TV, and in Naval Affairs magazine since it came out. The stories [I've read] about LST 325 are leaving out part of its history. In the summer of 1951, LST 325 was decommissioned. I am not sure for how long, but I was TAD (temporary duty) to her that summer for about three months. I was attached to a communications team that was made up of one officer (Lt.j.g. M.E. Rudisill) and four enlisted (SM3 Cross, SM3 Long, RM3 Klinkhammer and myself). The crew was made up of merchant seamen (MSTS). We were sent to Thule, Greenland, with equipment to build the Air Force base.

We had one rough trip up to Thule on the 325, crossing the Arctic Circle on 18 July 1951. I have a Blue Nose Certificate and pictures of the trip. It's been a long time ago, but once you rode her, you don't forget it.

YNC Martin J. Hilger, Ret.
Grandville, Mich.


Martin Hilger


The very-loaded main deck of the LST-325, Norfolk, Virginia.


Two other LSTs, identity unknown, taken in Norfolk prior to getting underway for Greenland.


In convoy, underway from Norfolk. One of the main engines broke down and the ship had to pull into New York for a few days while repairs were made.


Icebergs in the distance.


Following an ice-breaker through the pack ice.


Iceberg, right ahead! Not a scene from Titanic.

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