Mosier's Raiders

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Stewards. C. Haynesworth, Tommie Harvell, James Vann, Gordon Bjargo, R. Cheeks.


Front row: Tommy Combs, Jim Bronson, Bud Allgaier. Second row: John Roberts, Jack Greenly, Ernie Trautweiler, Don Martin.


Front row: Jim Tierney, Ellsworth Easterly. Second row: C. Baile, Ernie Trautweiler, Chief "Boats" Francis Hughes, Joe Simondinger.


Don Roy, Gordon Bjargo.


Front row: Francis Hughes, Lt. Gordon Keene. Second row: John Sherlock, Homer Bryant, Gordon Bjargo, Ernie Ninness.


Officers Ted Duning, John Sarbaugh, Lloyd Kurz and Bill Bodiford relaxing in the wardroom.


Officers Lloyd Kurz, James Batsel, Bill Bodiford.


Dick Scacchetti, Gerry Murphy, Lloyd Mosby, Lander Bumgarner and Emil Kolar on the deck of LST-325 in Mobile, Alabama on January 10, 2001, the day the ship arrived after being sailed across the Atlantic from Greece.


Ted and Waverly Duning aboard LST-325, 10 January 2001.

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