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Ship's officers, 29 July 1944. Seated: Lt. Cmdr. Clifford Mosier (Commanding Officer), Lt. Gordon Keene (Executive Officer) First row: LtJG Stanley Barish, LtJG Guy Jackson, Ensign Lloyd Kurz, Lt. William Bodiford. Second Row: Ensign Ted Duning, LtJG Art English, LtJG John Sarbaugh.


Jack Greenly, Lloyd Mosby, Tom Combs. July 1944.


CMoMM Ellsworth Easterly, Engineering Officer Stan Barish, CMoMM Jim Mitchell. July 1944.


Electricians: Front row: Howard Gamble, Richard Parks, Tom Crowley. Second row: Stan Barish, John Roberts, Frank Liebacker.


Auxiliary Engine Room Gang. First row: Jack Greenly, Tom Crowley, Al Smith, Jim Mitchell, Richard Parks, Stan Barish. Second row: Tom Combs, Walt Niewinski, Chet Conway, William Lee, Frank Jaworski, Don Martin, Howard Gamble. Third row: Frank Liebacker, Dale MacKay, Emil Kolar, Lloyd Mosby, G. Nadeau, John Roberts.


Motor Macs: First row: Lander Bumgarner, Richard Martin, Wally Mack, Ernie Trautweiler, Joe Snyder, Ellsworth Easterly. Second row: Stan Barish, Jim Spehar, Bill Hanley, Gerry Murphy, Harold Howard. Third row: Jim Bronson, Norm Ferguson, John MacPherson.


Front row: Howard Russell, E. "Doc" Pittman, Charles Hutchens, Paul Genander, Wesley Love, Bob Lemieux. Second row: Joe Paris, Howard Kramer, Gerard Belanger, Norm Ferguson, Jack Greenly, Al Smith.


Woody Lorenz, Gordon Bjargo, Monty Lorenz. The crewmembers credit the Lorenz brothers for saving the ship with the emergency welding job they did during the storm encountred when the ship was homeward bound.


Front row: R. Dessinger, Tom Crowley. Second row: Bill Bliss, Gordon Bjargo, Virgil Anderson.

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