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Wounded from Normandy being taken off the ship, Portland, England. June 1944.
Stan Barish photograph.


In formation, date and place unkown.
Ted Duning photograph.


Unloading 796 German Prisoners-of-War, brought back from Normandy to camps in England. Taken at Southampton, England. 28 June 1944. Stan Barish photograph.


LST-493 moored on the Thames River, London , England. The LST-325 towed this ship back from Normandy after it's engine room had flooded. 2 July 1944. Stan Barish photograph.


On the Seine River, enroute to Rouen to unload. The sunken ships in the background were scuttled by the Germans in an attempt to block the Allies from proceeding up the river. Date unknown. Ted Duning photograph.


Lt. Cmdr. Mosier presenting the Purple Heart medal to Lloyd Mosby, for wounds he received during an air raid in Bizerte in September 1943. Stan Barish photograph.


On Utah Beach, August 1944.
Stan Barish photograph.


Prisoners chipping paint, date unknown.
Stan Barish photograph.


LSTs on the beach, LST-325 in foreground. Place and date unknown.
Stan Barish photograph.


Taking advantage of the time spent waiting for the tide by doing a little painting. Place and date unknown. Stan Barish photograph.


Last moments of the troop transport SS Empire Javelin. The LST-325 was one of the ships that responded to the ship's distress call and took over 700 survivors to Le Havre, France. 28 December 1944. Dick Scxcchetti photograph.


Crew formed for inspection, place and date unknown.
Ted Duning photograph.


The LST-325 after the end of the war, Green Cove Springs, Florida. This is the only known photograph of the ship with the Brodie device, a system for launching and retrieving light observation aircraft from an LST. Notice the Pacific theatre camouflage and the LCT-854 loaded onto the main deck. Ted Duning photograph.

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