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Towing a LCT (Landing Craft, Tank) from Bizerte, Tunisia to Oran, Algeria. November 1943. Lloyd Mosby on left, Don Martin on right. Stan Barish photograph.


In convoy with LSTs from Bizerte to Oran. The LSTs are towing LCTs. November 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Liberty party going ashore in one of the ship's LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel). Mers el Kebir, Algeria. November 1943. Stan Barish photograph.


Lookout on the port side bridge wing, in convoy from Oran, ALgeria to England, November 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


Lieutenant Clifford E. Mosier, captain of the LST-325. He is using a sextant to calculate the ship's position, November 1943. Stan Barish photograph.


In drydock, Falmouth, England, December 1943. It was here that one of the crew, Gunners Mate David George was killed when he fell to the bottom of the dock. Stan Barish photograph.


Drydock in Falmouth. Ship's propellers and rudders. December 1943.
Stan Barish photograph.


On the beach at the Salcombe training area during the DUCK I exercise, January 1944.
Stan Barish photograph.

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