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June 3 - Division paratroopers and units under their control in I Corps tactical zone killed 81 enemy, captured 50 prisoners and gathered 661 individual and crew-sized weapons from the NVA. The seizure of a fourth major weapons cache by elements of the 2nd Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf. in the coastal plains area highlighted the day's action. At the end of a two-day cordon around Trung Phuong hamlet, three miles southeast of Hue, a multi-company airborne task force of 17th Cavalry, 2nd Brigade and ARVN airborne troopers killed 66 enemy, took 51 prisoners and captured 55 weapons.

June 4 - Paratroopers of A Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn) 327th Inf. continued to uncover large quantities of weapons as they continued an extensive search of the complex found June 3rd. Added to the previous total were 87 AK-47's, 174 AK-47 magazines with 1,500 rounds of ammunition and more than 300 rounds of 82mm mortar.

June 10 - Division forces seized two rice caches totaling more than 37,000 pounds in two locations. The first was captured by B Troop, 2nd Squadron (Abn), 17th Cav., 12 miles southeast of Hue. The nine tons of rice were bagged and exacuated to Phu Tu District headquarters. Paratroopers from C Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf. took a second cache of 9.5 tons from an area 6 miles northwest of Hue.

June 12 - Four rice caches totaling 55,500 pounds were found throughout the 2nd Brigade's AO. All of the rice was given to various district chiefs throughout Thua Thien province.
June 13 - Fifteen-and-a-half more tons of rice were captured by Division infantry and cavalry units. The total rice captured in the rice denial program of Nevada Eagle rose to more than 156 tons.
June 17 - Continuing psychological operations throughout the Division AO resulted in the rallying of a Viet Cong village chief to the South Vietnamese government. The rallier stated he deserted because all of his soldiers were captured in a recent battle fought with paratroopers of B Co., 1st Bn. (Abn) 501st Inf., where 58 suspects were taken from a village nine miles east of Hue.
June 20 - in Hue, South Vietnam's President Nguyen Van Thieu presented Col. John H. Cushman and the paratroopers of the 2nd Brigade task Force with the country's Presidential Unit Citation for their combat record since deploying to I Corps in early February. From then until this date, the task force paratroopers killed 2,382 enemy, detained 257 suspects, and captured 724 enemy weapons.