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May 1 - Highlight of the day's action was the Ap Cao Xa attack by members of the 2nd Squadron (Abn), 17th Cav., who killed 83 NVA during the battle which took place four miles northwest of Hue. In further action, A and C Co.'s, 1st Bn. (Abn), 505th Inf. immediately engaged an enemy battalion near Bon Tri village, three miles west of Hue. The two-day battle resulted in 121 enemy killed and 17 weapons captured.

May 2 - the sixth large ammunition cache since Delaware started April 19th was captured by paratroopers from C Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf., one mile northeast of FB Veghel. The week's total munitions captured by the 1st Brigade paratroopers included: 442 rounds of 75mm shells, 415 rounds of 76mm tank ammunition, 112 B-40 rockets, 29 rockets of 122mm, 30,000 rounds of 23mm antiaircraft shells, 100 rounds of 85mm shells, and 225 rounds of 12.7 anti-aircraft shells. The captured ammunition represented an important loss to the enemy, thereby weakening his potential capabilities to operate in the Hue area, according to Division officials.

May 3 - Paratroopers of the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division completed their assault on Bon Tri village, killing 18 more NVA and bringing the total for their cordon to 139 enemy dead.
May 5 - Early in the morning, Division headquarters at Camp Eagle received more than 50 enemy mortar rounds. Counter battery fire from Division Artillery units was immediately placed on the suspected mortar positions.

May 7 - A three-day cordon of La Chu village, three miles northwest of Hue, was completed by elements of A and B Troop, 2nd Squadron (Abn), 17th Cav., C Troop, 2nd Squadron, 34th Armor, B and D Co.'s 1st Bn (Abn), 501st Inf., and A and C Co.'s, 2nd Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf. Fifty-five NVA were killed, five prisoners were taken and 30 weapons were captured in the cordon.

May 8 - In the jungle four miles north of Hue, paratroopers from B Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 502nd Inf. established an early morning ambush postion and killed 17 NVA after two squads of enemy soldiers walked right into position. There were no paratrooper casulaties. Continuing application of their highly successful cordon tactics, airborne infantrymen from the 1st Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf. trapped a re-inforced NVA company in Phu Luong A village, six miles northwest of Hue. Fifteen enemy were killed in the initial contact. In Delaware action, the paratroopers of C Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf. captured the ninth enemy ammunition cache of the operation. Less than two miles east of Veghel, they found more than 2,000 rounds of 76mm high explosive ammunition, and 6,300 rounds of 23mm anti-aircraft shells. The cache was stored in bunkers built into a hillside and protected from aerial observation by triple canopy jungle.

May 10 - In action five miles north of Hue along Pha Tam Giang inlet, airborne riflemen from C Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 502nd Inf. trapped an NVA platoon inside a horseshoe cordon and drove the enemy toward the water. The fierce paratrooper attack drove the enemy force from its position and the NVA left 21 dead behind.

May 11 - Sixteen NVA were killed by air attacks from Army aviators in action 10 miles southwest of Hue after a Division reconnaissance unit observed the enemy preparing a rocket launching site. The "Lancers" of the 308th Aviation Bn. engaged the enemy with 2.75-inch rockets and mini-guns, and quickly scattered the NVA force. Secondary explosions were observed by the pilots as they made passes over the target area.

May 13 - Paratroopers of A Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf. and D Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf, completed a successful cordon of Co Thap village, eight miles northwest of Hue. The infantrymen surrounded an NVA battalion suspected of protecting a nearby enemy regimental headquarters and were joined by members of A Troop, 2nd Squadron (Abn), 17th Cav. The two-day battle resulted in 38 NVA killed and 11 weapons captured.

May 17 - Screaming Eagles of the 101st and paratroopers of the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division under their operational control, terminated Operation Carantan II at noon. The combined paratrooper force killed 2,100 NVA, captured 157 prisoners and 581 enemy weapons during the 47-day operation near Hue. "Relieve the pressure from around the area of Hue," was their standing order and the paratroopers did just that as their highly mobile fighting units continually maintained pressure on the enemy. The same day, 1st Strike paratroopers of the 1st Brigade completed their phase of Operation Delaware, designed to block the main enemy supply route leading out of the A Shau valley toward Hue. The airborne infantrymen from the 1st Brigade battalions killed 318 NVA, captured three prisoners and 121 weapons during the 28-day operation. Delaware was characterized by the capture of several large caliber ammunition caches, the loss of which further limited enemy capabilities in providing fire support for large scale operations, according to Division intelligence sources. The interdiction of Route 547 was also realized during this oepration, completely cutting off its use by enemy forces as a resupply route.

May 18 - Paratroopers of the 1st and 2nd Brigades and 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division initiated Operation Nevada Eagle in northern I Corps. It was designed to deny all NVA and Viet Cong forces operating in the area the ability to capture the ripening rice crop growing in the rich coastal plain north and south of Hue.

May 20 - Nevada Eagle action intensified as Division paratroopers killed 103 NVA and captured 34 weapons. Exploiting intelligence information, members of B Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf. trapped an enemy force in Dong Gi Tay village northeast of Hue. Rapidly massing forces, three more rifle companies and one Popular Forces (PF) platoon cordoned the village. The action continued throughout the night as early reports showed 57 enemy killed and 20 weapons captured. A second major action occured when airborne infantrymen from A Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn) 327th Inf. received a mortar attack and ground probe at their night defensive perimeter. Artillery and organic fires were immediately placed on the enemy force. A sweep of the area the next morning revealed 31 enemy dead and 12 weapons captured.

May 21 - At 12:30 a.m., an NVA battalion augmented by personnel from a sapper demolition team, launched a daring ground attack against Camp Eagle, following the firing of more than 400 rounds of 122mm rockets, 82mm mortars, B-40, and B-41 ammunition into the Division headquarters area. The ground attack was staged at the southwest edge of the perimeter and was beaten back by headquarters troops of the 1st Brigaqde, members of the 2nd Bn. (Abn), 502nd Inf. and helicopter gunships. Fast thinking gunners from the 320th Artillery rolled in a 105mm howitzer without sighting devices and killed 12 enemy at the edge of the wire with four anti-personnel rounds. At first dawn, a sweep of the area revealed 54 enemy bodies and 16 individual weapons captured. Additional ordinance uncovered included 40 satchel charges, 30 bangalore torpedoes, and 50 RPG rounds. Damage to the base area was termed light.

May 22 - The day's action brought the enemy body count for Operation Nevada Eagle to 255 killed in six days. Airborne infantrymen of the 1st Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf. captured three light artillery pieces, two anti-aircraft guns and one truck in the area north of FSB Veghel. The paratroopers aolso captured seven boxes of 85mm ammunition, two boxes of delay fuses and 10 cases of 23mm ammunition.

May 25 - Members of A Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf. uncovered the largest arms cache of Nevada Eagle along Route 547, 12 miles southwest of Hue. The airborne riflemen discovered several 5' by 8' bunkers with three feet of overhead cover nestled in the triple canopy jungle. Closer investigation revealed a cache of 238 individual and crew-served enemy weapons. They included 167 SKS rifles and 32 cases of new AK-47s.

May 27 - The second major arms cache of Nevada Eagle was captured by A Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf. in a bunkered enemy base camp four miles east of the A Shau valley. The weapons included 12 complete 60mm mortars, 150 bolt-action Chicom rifles (K-44), four Communist light machine-guns, 80 rifle grenades and 40 B-40 rockets.

May 28 - Forty-nine enemy trucks were captured by elements of the 1st Bn. (Abn), 327th Inf. They were found along a road 15 miles southwest of Hue without their engines, but closer investigation revealed the engines buried 5 to 10 meters on either side of the trucks. The paratroopers also captured four 23mm anti-aircrat guns with 2,100 rounds of ammunition.

May 29 - Continuing extensive search operations were conducted by riflemen from A Co., 2nd Bn. (Abn) 327th Inf. Included in a third major weapons cache were: 107 SKS rifles, 59 K-44 rifles, four AK-47's, 102 rounds of 75mm shells, 5,660 rounds of small arms ammunition, 3,300 grenade fuses, 26 B-41 rockets and 24 rounds of 60mm mortar.

May 31 - A two-day cordon operation seven miles easy of Hue near Le Xa Dong hamlet was conducted by A Troop, 2nd Squadron (Abn), 17th Cav.; B Co., 1st Bn. (Abn), 501st Inf. and elements of the 1st ARVN Division, resulting in 91 NVA killed, 19 prisoners taken and 34 weapons captured.